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Love, Sweat & Gears

Meet the Love, Sweat & Gears team, comprised of 4 local women cyclists and 14 crew members who took on Race Across America to raise awareness and funds for Gaia Home. On June 18, 2022, they left Oceanside, CA, and the ladies cycled 24/7, traversing 12 states and 3,038 miles with the support of their amazing crew to cross the finish line in Annapolis, MD, on June 25. Touted as the world’s toughest amateur cycling event, the team’s official race time was seven days, eight hours, and 17 minutes. Thank You Love, Sweat & Gears for making history as the first team from North Dakota to compete in the 41-year-old race all while raising awareness and funds for Gaia Home which is making history by working to create a new option for end-of-life care for our state.

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To learn more about the team and crew below! Or if you’d like to help support Gaia Home, click for more information.

Meet the Team and Crew

Kilee Harmon

Always on a bike as a kid, Kilee learned slow-twitch muscles are her friends as they led her into the world of endurance events…

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Karin Gardner

Karin is a seasoned cyclist, and a cross-country bike ride (or race!) has long been on her bucket list…


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Kimberly Ellis

Kim lives and loves to play outside. She can be found working in her vast garden, walking Cash, the golden retriever, fishing…

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Lori Klabunde

Lori is a lifelong athlete. A decorated basketball player in high school and college, Lori became a marathon runner in her 30s…

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Melanie Carvell

The only thing that Melanie loves more than riding her bike is getting other folks riding bikes, too! Melanie’s life goal is…

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Mike Gardner

Mike, a true adventurer at heart, is one who loves traveling, cooking, and reading, but he also has a soft spot for cycling and…

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Lynn and Carol Beiswanger

The explorers of the group, Lynn and Carol Beiswanger, love to use their RV to journey to new places to…

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Marv Lein

Marv, a true promoter of health and wellness, is the founder of MeFirst, a Bismarck, ND-based movement of company and…

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Rhett Paul

After years of admiring others competing in endurance events, Rhett decided to stop watching and start competing. With the…

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Phillip Fortenberry

A cyclist at heart, Phillip has a great respect for the bicycle as a way to change the direction of one’s health and life. In 2009, Phillip toured…

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Justin Harmon

A lover of the cinematic arts, and a cycling enthusiast, Justin is the team’s documentarian. Having competed in numerous cycling…

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Dan McGurren

Dan is your all around cheerleader, giving you the encouragement needed to press on. A true coach at heart, he has shaped long…

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Larissa Unruh

The fun jokester of the crew, Larissa, will keep the team laughing as she breaks out her collection of adult onesies she can’t…

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Desiree Bourgois van Oosting

Growing up in a home that encouraged health, wellness, and prevention, is how Desiree van Oosting…

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Kelly Leben

Meet Kelly Leben, the team’s absolute best driver who will primarily oversee the media vehicle. He received this title and role…

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Jason Gardner

Jason, who didn’t learn how to ride a bike until he was 8, joined the LS&G 2022 team by being volunteered by his brother, Mike…

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Jazmine Gatewood (a.k.a. Jazzy)

An outdoor enthusiast, who likes to hike, run, ski and cycle, Jazmine (or better known as “Jazzy” in the cycling…

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Katy Kavanas (a.k.a. Sancho)

Katy (who goes by “Sancho” in the cycling world) participated in Race Across the West (RAW) 2021 with…

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