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Why Gaia Home

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Gaia Home is a much-needed facility in our community. There is a lack of options currently available in North Dakota for our aging population’s end-of-life care. When we or our loved ones come to the end stages of life, a high degree of care is typically needed. The ideal preference is hospice care in our own homes, but that is often not an option for a variety of reasons including cost. The other choices are medical settings which don’t feel like home.


Hospice prioritizes comfort and quality of life by reducing pain and suffering for those diagnosed with 6 months or less to live. Out-of-state providers who operate facilities similar to Gaia Home shared that 10-30% of people on hospice services may need a place like Gaia Home. According to recent Medicare Hospice utilization data, and conversations with area providers, the average daily census of people on hospice services in the Bismarck-Mandan and surrounding communities is approximately 92 people, which means anywhere from 9 to 28 individuals each day could benefit from Gaia Home. If you look at all of central and western North Dakota, the average daily census of people on hospice services is approximately 139, so 14 to 42 individuals could possibly be helped by Gaia Home each day.


Gaia Home’s residential units and community spaces will allow people to live out the remainder of their lives in a home setting with 24-hour care. The low guest to caregiver ratio will relieve families of difficult care they are not equipped for or comfortable with, so they can spend time making lasting memories. Gaia Home will give families and friends a comfortable space to come together and relax and reminisce in privacy and peace.