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Wachters’ Deeply Rooted Support

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Chad and Stacy Wachter

Chad Wachter is the Gaia Home Inaugural Board Chair, Advisory Group Member, and a Campaign Committee Member. His lifelong passion is real estate, having grown up in a family who has been in the real estate business for more than 100 years. Chad and his wife, Stacy, are the owners of the Silver Ranch development east of Bismarck where Gaia Home will be located.  


Chad says, “Our support for Gaia Home is deeply rooted in our personal experiences with hospice care and our professional vision. Both Stacy and I have witnessed the critical role hospice care plays during the most tender moments of life, having had hospice involved in the passing of our family members.” Those experiences shaped their understanding of compassion and support and underscored the need for a dedicated hospice care facility. Gaia Home, with its compassionate approach and commitment to providing solace and dignity to those in their final stages of life, aligns perfectly with Chad and Stacy’s values of care, support, and mutual respect. 


Both Chad and Stacy have faced challenges for caring for loved ones in their final days. The involvement of hospice care at home, while valuable, also highlighted for them the complexities and emotional toll on families. Gaia Home represents for them a beacon of hope and support which is a mission they are committed to.  


They envision a community grounded in the principles of mutual respect, support, and care for each other. Gaia Home is a pivotal piece of that vision, offering a sanctuary for individuals in their final stages of life and their families. Chad adds, “Its presence within Silver Ranch embodies our commitment to fostering a compassionate and supportive community, ensuring that care and dignity are accessible to all.” 


Chad’s journey with Gaia Home has been one of the most meaningful aspects of his career in the real estate development. He says, “It underscores our belief that real estate is not just about buildings and land, but about creating environments that enhance the quality of life for everyone. Our collaboration with Gaia Home reflects our dedication to making a positive impact in the community and a reminder of the power of collective effort in addressing societal needs. We encourage others to support this cause and join us in making a difference.”